5 New Year Resolutions You Need To Make For Your Heart In 2021!

2020 has been a tough year for everyone due to the pandemic affecting our health, lives, jobs, and society. The pandemic also taught us many lessons, the hard way. One lesson that we all must carry with us is to take greater care of our health and not take it for granted.

With the COVID-19 vaccine giving us hopes, 2021 seems to be a bright and positive year that can change our outlook for the good. 

However, patients with underlying conditions are at higher risk for heart disease, now more than ever.

Therefore, people should take care of their heart health irrespective of their age and history of risk factors. The best time to start thinking about a healthy kick start is here!

As we are about to enter a new year in 2021, here’s looking at some resolutions to sail through it with a healthy heart. These are simple, easy to keep and you probably should do it anyway!

1. Shred some weight 

For many of you, this has been a new year resolution for years. However, it is not anymore about how you look but about how your heart feels. Obesity is one of the prime reasons for heart diseases. Obesity can lead to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and blood clots. 

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is very important to lose weight yet many confuse it with starving your bodies. Eating healthy and exercising can help you to lose weight without having to starve yourself. One should try the DASH diet that has proven to work wonders for the heart. 

2. Keep a check on your overall health 

Another resolution one should be taking this year is to keep a constant track of your overall health. A regular checkup allows your doctor to keep tabs on your blood pressure, glucose levels, and other health-related issues. 

Some symptoms are not even visible but they very much affect your health. That is why both men and women should get annual physical checkups to focus better on heart-health risk modification. 

In this digital era, keeping a check on your heart health has become even easier with apps that can tell you about your health in a few seconds. The Kardia app when connected to your KardiaMobile device reads your ECG and lets you keep a tab on your heart’s irregular rhythms. 

3. Reduce stress 

This is a new year resolution everyone should take irrespective of health reasons. Stress is one of the prominent reasons for heart issues and other health problems because of its overall effect on your mind and state of being.

Numerous studies have concluded that highly anxious people tend to have more heart attacks and strokes.

To reduce stress, it is important to undertake calming and soothing activities. Meditation helps a lot in reducing stress. Other than that, talking with friends, getting outside for a walk, reading a book or exercising can help reduce stress too.

4. Stop/ reduce the intake of alcohol and caffeine

Putting a stop to smoking and alcohol may be difficult for some people. However. at the same time, it is crucial for heart health. It may even help you lose weight by reducing your calorie count. 

Drinking less alcohol and caffeinated beverages will help you sleep better and reduce stress. Cutting down the volume of intake will help you to keep up with the resolution this year.

5. Get more sleep

Now, this is a resolution that you would love to take. Believe it or not, an irregular sleep-cycle, or sleeping less than 8 hours can cause serious health problems.

Sleeping less can cause inflammation due to increased blood pressure, thereby disturbing the overall health. 

To get proper sleep, you need to put your phone away long before bedtime, cut down caffeine, and sleep in a dark and cold place. 

So get an early bird’s advantage on health this year by following a disciplined yet easy regime. Celebrate a happy new year with a healthy heart!